]Woman Charged With Providing Sex, Alcohol To Teens

Started by blackmanx, Jun 10, 2006, 07:53 AM

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Woman Charged With Providing Sex, Alcohol To Teens
Police Say Woman Had Sex With Two Underage Boys

POSTED: 4:44 pm EDT June 7, 2006

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PORTSMOUTH, N.H. -- A Portsmouth woman has been accused of providing sex and alcohol to children under 16.

Police said Peggy Bick, 30, was already awaiting trial on indecent exposure and lewdness charges when she was arrested this week. Bick is accused of throwing an alcohol party for some teenagers and having sex with two adolescents.

"We're alleging there were a couple of different occasions that happened, that the sexual contact between Ms. Bick and the minors occurred after she provided alcohol to them," Capt. Janet Champlin said.

The mother of two faces four felony sex assault charges and two charges related to the alleged underage drinking party.

Last month, police arrested Bick after a dispute with a neighbor. Police said they had to remove Bick from the other apartment, and as she was leaving, she flashed her chest at the woman and her 13-year-old son.

Other residents of Bick's Ledgewood Drive apartment building were shocked by the charges.

"It's a little surprising. It's a little shocking. It's kind of disgusting," neighbor Darcy Cataldo said.

Police said that in such a case, it doesn't matter if the minors agreed to go along with the sexual acts because they are too young to legally consent.

"This is really about child exploitation," Champlin said. "And although they may physically be mature at a particular age, mentally and psychologically, there are long-term affects for this type of thing."

Because the boys are under 16, many of the details of the case are not being released, but investigators said more teenagers could be involved.

"Right now, we have two minor victims," Champlin said. "We're looking at the possibility that there were others."

Bick was ordered held on $50,000 bail. A probable cause hearing was scheduled for June 20 in Portsmouth District Court.
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Wow, I wonder if men engaging in sexual behavior with teenage girls
is to be considered providing sex?

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