Father's Day Protest(s) #7

Started by Men's Rights Activist, Jun 18, 2006, 07:15 AM

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Men's Rights Activist



Out at the crack of dawn one last day, and on the street in a good spot, that's a good wrap up for NCFMLA's, Father's Day week protest.

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All week, I mulled over in my mind which message to put out which day.  I'm glad to have gotten today's selection on the road for Father's Day.  It's a direct statement affirming that Father's have value.  

Under gender feminism's agenda, Father's (like all men) have been devalued, marginalized, maligned, vilified, denigrated, battered and abused.

When will our societies start valuing DADS (and all men) for the precious, and important human beings they are?  

Let us hope that this Father's Day, society has become a little more aware of the need to cherish Dads (and all men).  The truth is they are vitally important to the healthy functioning of civilized society.  Let us hope people will be more aware of the value of Father's (and all men) the next time they hear gender feminist spout lies, in our governments,  schools, mass media, churches, etc.  Let us hope brave people will openly refute those lies, if nothing more, than with the simple honest statements we've seen proclaimed to the public this week.

Once again, HAPPY FATHER's DAY!  It bears repeating.
Life, Liberty, & Pursuit of Happiness are fundamental rights for all (including males), & not contingent on gender feminist approval or denial. Consider my "Independence" from all tyrannical gender feminist ideology "Declared" - Here & Now!

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