Surviving the matriarchy.

Started by richard ford, Jun 18, 2006, 08:01 AM

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richard ford

Survival No 1

Every man who truly wishes to be free must expect to fight for it.

Feminism owns men as slaves, and few slave owners give up their property freely. Make no mistake- your walk to freedom threatens someone's unearned income!

By learning to say 'no' to women you will eventually earn their respect (the irony being that you no longer need it) but before you reach this stage you will have to face her anger.

A man must learn the tricks of women to be free.

richard ford

Always face the traffic.

When walking along a country road one should always face the traffic. There are a number of reasons for this, firstly, if a driver is not paying attention and looks like running you down then you can always jump into a ditch and save yourself.

Not all accidents are truly accidents however- and cars the favourite weapons of angry women. It is also rumoured that the security services in the UK use traffic accidents as a means of removing people they find embarrassing. This may well be nothing but paranoia- but we must remember that feminists have infiltrated most areas of government so why should we not find them in the security services?

Far more likely than outright assassination is surveillance. A surprising number of people are followed for bureaucratic reasons. Once a person is seen as being of interest to the security service then they may be watched for years for no other reason than bureaucratic inertia. You may argue that you have nothing to hide and for this reason you will take no surveillance countermeasures. My answer to this is that you probably have something in your past that would embarrass either you or someone else. This may be used to discredit you even though nobody was hurt by your original actions.

You cannot detect of prevent a high priority surveillance team from looking into your life but costly operations such as these are reserved for terrorists and members of foreign intelligence services. We are far less important than these people and for this reason face a lower grade of spook. Simple precautions such as facing the traffic can make it obvious to the activist that he is being surveyed by car. Once the same car has passed us four times we will almost certainly notice it, even if we have no reason to be suspicious.

Always face the traffic.

Sir Farts-A-Lot

I usually face the traffic, but now you've just made me paranoid.

And what you say about saying "no" to women is true. It does get you more respect.
quote="CaptDMO"]As history has shown us, power is NEVER bestowed, it's taken and defended. "Empowerment" is merely a bone, thrown to appease the rabble. [/quote]


Quote from: "Sir Farts-A-Lot"
I usually face the traffic, but now you've just made me paranoid.

And what you say about saying "no" to women is true. It does get you more respect.

Why not  - and it doesn't even resonate on THIS website - just be your own self.

The additional battle of vagina that men face can be easily solved.  Living with women until they demand marriage (and they will).  And then the next 5-9 years of living with a woman until she demands marriage etc.

There are simultaneously guys who report how they were screwed over by women, and they yell at me about my views.  They are chivalrous, but they don't connect that with the fact that they were forced to be chivalrous.


I'm a person.

(Please reread my last sentence in this context and think about it.  LOL).

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