Challenge to the hate-Amber club

Started by Amber, Dec 15, 2003, 08:54 PM

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Sir Jessy of Anti

Quote from: "Amber"
Quote from: "Sir Jessy of Anti"
Hey Amber, if you read the guy's history you will see it is hyperbole.  He wasn't being serious - his point was more that these boards even obsess about such things in the first place, and that they should get back to talking about the subject matter.

I know that.  As I said, they are wi/o direction and that guy nailed it.

See what a pretty girl can do?   :wink:
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I don't know about feminist... but you're megalomaniacal... the only supporting evidence I feel I need is this thread that you started about you.
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To my astonishment I have noted that Amber's writings provoke wild argumentations and attacks. On MND someone even accused her of being a feminist that should be banned from MND.

Fortunately she seem to tolerate the attacks fairly well even if I guess that it must be stressing. Of course anyone who writes in a public forum has to take a lot of heat and has to get used to it. I perhaps would have given up and gone to another forum, if I had been attacked in the same way.

I find her writings mostly interesting usually well argumented. Sometimes I would have liked some more attentioin the differing views. Much of the time I agree with and sometimes not.

I do not quite understand what generates so much heat. Is it the envy of her writings skill, envy of the female verbals skills (clitoris envy)? Or is there a genuine disagreement? I think that if someone has a genuine disagreement he would concentrate  on the essay and provide some idea for improvement.

Personally I feel a bit guilty for not having given Amber more feedback and ideas to the articles she has presented to us.


<<Personally I feel a bit guilty for not having given Amber more feedback and ideas to the articles she has presented to us.>>

Why don't you point out to her what you agree or ... disagree ... with?

The Gonzman

It's because a great deal of us HAVE tried to respond to the articles.  The Amber!(tm) reacts hysterically when her premises are challenged in any way, producing the litany of "Anti-woman, conservative hating, liberal, anti-marriage, anti-family meninist MRA."  These attacks are reflex.  Once the Amber!(tm) reads a disagreement with what she says, the rest of the missive is ignored.  She eschews any thoughtful dialogue on the subject, assuming that any such difference of opinion with her is done out of mean-spirited hatred of her on a personal level.

She then spews venom and hatred.  And is amazed when venom and hatred is the wages she recieves.

Don't believe me?  Don't take my word for it. Try it yourself.  Go to MND, read one of her latest articles, and use your throwaway SPAM account to question her pronouncements.  See what you get in response.
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